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Beautiful Code Chapter Now Online

As promised [1], my chapter from O’Reilly’s Beautiful Code [2] book is now online under a free license:

Subversion’s Delta Editor: Interface as Ontology [3]

Of course, no chapter on programming would be complete without tree diagrams…

Beautiful Code, Chapter 2 (page 13) [4]

Beautiful Code, Chapter 2 (pages 14 and 15) [5]

Since all the authors’ fees are being donated to Amnesty International [6], an unexpected result of writing a chapter for this book is that I feel I can finally use those return-address labels Amnesty International is always sending me in their fundraising letters. I hadn’t donated before — they’re a good cause, but there are a lot of good causes and I’ve been sending my money elsewhere. However, now that O’Reilly is effectively donating in my name, I don’t have to print my own address labels [7] if I’m short on time: I can, without guilt, use the rather nice ones that have been arriving for free in the mail for years.