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Lucky in 2013.

It’s the last day of 2013. I’ve thought a lot this year about how lucky I am: I get to work on freedom full-time, among other places at OTS [1], OpenITP [2], QCO [3], and the OSI [4].

I don’t want anything different for 2014, except for more people to be so lucky.

U.S. National Parks sign indicating a so-called 'free speech zone'. [5]

Free Clarendon!

Speaking of freedom…

The U.S. National Parks sign above uses the Clarendon [6] typeface — a high-quality digital incarnation of which is now on the way to being freed thanks to the Free Clarendon campaign on IndieGoGo [7], started by Linus Drumbler. If the campaign makes its goal of $30,000 Canadian, Clarendon Text will be released under the OSI-approved Apache License 2.0 [8]. While by font geek standards I’m no font geek, I love Clarendon, both aesthetically and for its association with effective government programs, and have contributed to the campaign to Free Clarendon. I hope you will too.

twitter.com/kfogel/status/418083411727618049 [9] and identi.ca/kfogel/note/9Fk3frNZQmKEspQxr_PQjw [10]:

Contributed to the Free Clarendon campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/free-clarendon! Join us? Classic font needs a Free digital life… #FreeClarendon