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The Software Freedom Conservancy: Why I Donated

Software Freedom Conservancy logo [1]

Update 2015-12-01: How could I have forgotten to mention that there’s a donor match [2] going on right now? If you become one of the next 50 new Conservancy supporters, a donor is matching up to $6000! Please help Conservancy get every dollar they can from this generous donor.

Few organizations are as effective per dollar as the Software Freedom Conservancy [1].

The list of what they’ve done in 2015 alone [3] is impressive — and that’s before you consider how small a staff they do it with.

You’ll notice that link was actually to their 2015 fundraiser page [3], which explains why they need to raise money now, and exactly what they plan to do with it. (Did I mention high marks for transparency?)

Today, for Giving Tuesday, I became a Conservancy Supporter again, and hope you’ll consider doing the same [4]. The free software movement doesn’t run on good will. It runs on dedicated people giving their all, and those who do it full-time need support from everyone who understands why this movement is important.

If you’re looking to retweet, try this one [5], or redent here [6].