Dear Lazyweb,

I want to buy some online data storage.

I don’t want to have to learn any new APIs for accessing my storage. I already know how to interact with files in a computer filesystem, so I’d like to just access my cloud storage that way. In other words, I want to buy a networked mount point with a designated amount of storage behind it, where I’m charged based either on the amount of storage reserved or on the amount used, I don’t care which. It’s okay if it’s slow: we can copy data to faster local disk when we’re working with it. I just want a place to put large amounts of data, a place that’s backed up by someone who’s paid to back it up, such that it’ll be easily accessible to programs running on a server.

(Actually, in an ideal world I want to find two such offerings, so I can use them both and have one be a backup of the other, for organizational redundancy in our backups.)

I would have thought this service would be completely commoditized by now, but apparently not — or, possibly, I’m just not searching for it the right way.

I’ve been looking at Wikipedia’s Comparison of File Hosting Services, and maybe one of those will turn out to be it. I also had a conversation about using Ceph to do this, in the chatroom on the OFTC IRC network (many thanks to the people there who responded to my questions). Word there is no one’s offering this yet with Ceph, though it might be an offering in the future.

Any ideas?