Now that’s a pro!

Watching Joe Biden handle being interviewed by this shameless propagandist is a particular kind of pleasure. It’s sort of like watching Tiger Woods play golf in a raging hailstorm — maybe he can’t beat par today, but he can still beat the weather:

(By way of the ever-alert TalkingPointsMemo.)

I also have to admire Obama’s and Biden’s self-discipline in never pointing out that the so-called ACORN voter fraud we’ve been hearing so much about from the McCain campaign is a fraud on ACORN by its own employees, not a fraud on the electorate by anyone, and therefore is of zero concern even if the allegations are true. The two of them are consummate politicians: don’t complicate the message, don’t explain why the whole premise is wrong, just deny any connection and move on to a more profitable subject right away.

What professionals.

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