“Sita Sings the Blues” on front page of YouTube tonight.

If you’ve already seen Nina Paley’s excellent (and freely-distributed) feature film “Sita Sings the Blues”, then… tell someone else about this :-).

YouTube is going to feature it on their home page starting at 9pm PST today. The full, feature-length video is already available from their site:

If you like it, please consider donating to Nina Paley and/or getting the DVD.

You can read more at QuestionCopyright.org about how Nina was almost unable to release the film because of copyright restrictions on 80-year-old songs, which she eventually had to pay off at a total expense of more than $50,000.00 US. She took out a loan to do it, and she’s still paying that back. Whenever Congress extends copyright durations, especially retroactively, this is what it means for working artists. Three cheers for state-granted monopolies on culture.

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