Is Anyone Helping Anti-Trump Republicans?

Update 2017-05-14: I’d thought Brand New Congress might be the group this post was looking for, but on closer examination, it’s clear that their platform would be unacceptable to most conservative politicians, including anti-Trump Republicans. Not that Brand New Congress has bad ideas — I like most of them. But their plans won’t fly in GOP constituencies.

Dear Internet,

Do you know if there’s any organized support for anti-Trump Republicans out there? For example, a group promote openly anti-Trump Republicans in GOP primaries or special elections — something comparable to Indivisible but right-leaning?

I’d wanted to go on a data-gathering spree, and find out what constituencies normally lean Republican but nevertheless either didn’t go for Trump or didn’t go for him strongly in the general election. But I am not going to have time to do it (my company is doing well, which is great, but it means I’m swamped with work right when I’d most like to be involved in politics). So I’m taking the lame way out and asking the Internet.

If there’s data out there that could identify such voting districts — places where an openly anti-Trump Republican candidate might get elected, and is more likely than a Democrat would be to defeat a pro-Trump Republican — it would be great for those places to get more attention. There are a whole lot of GOP voters and donors out there who have always disliked Trump. If they had an outlet to support a better GOP, that would be a win for everyone. This is a realistic hope: after all, Republicans failing to fall in line behind Trump is what led to the embarrassing failure — or would be embarrassing, were he capable of embarrassment — of his attempt to repeal Obamacare.

So I’m just curious if anyone’s working on this. The closest thing I’ve found so far is Stand Up Republic, but there is not yet any clear call to action at their site, other than signing up for their email list.

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