Four Arguments for Elizabeth Warren.

Portrait of Elizabeth Warren.

I’ve been “All In For Warren” for a while now. I expect a lot more people to join us after tonight’s debate :-), but just in case you’re still on the fence, here are four brief arguments Why Warren:

  • She’s making the other Democratic candidates better. She’s offering so much vision that the others are picking it up. The longer she stays in the race, the better the eventual nominee will be. (I think it will be her anyway, so this item is more of an insurance-policy argument.)
  • She has the right enemies. Seriously, ask yourself: can you name one enemy of Joe Biden’s? No, you can’t. When Joe Biden walks into a room, his goal is for everyone in that room to like him. That is not what we need in our next President. Elizabeth Warren has the enemies you’d hope she would have.
  • She understands what is needed, and she’s proposing to actually do it. Most candidates understand what is needed, but they don’t dare propose to actually do it, because they can’t afford to scare off the big-dollar donors. Elizabeth Warren decided not to pursue big-dollar donors from the beginning. That’s freed her up to offer up a spot-on diagnosis of how scaled-up capitalism has captured the state and made its values the state’s values, and she’s saying what needs to be done about that. She doesn’t mind offending the people who pushed us into unsustainable inequalities of wealth, power, and dignity.
  • If she’s campaigning for President, then we’ll probably have a better Senate too. The best presidential campaigns have coattails. Elizabeth Warren’s will be particularly long, because she’s offering so much for other candidates to grab on to.

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