Surprisingly, the verb “wikipudiate” does not seem to exist yet. At least, a Google search turns up no hits. I think I’ll add it to the glossiary:

Wikipudiate: (v) To refute someone by referring them to a Wikipedia article. Ex: “I’ve been wikipudiated!” Alternatively, to deny an assertion of fact on the grounds of its provenance in Wikipedia. Ex: “You’ve been wikipudiated!” (wikipudiation, n)


  1. So, my friend C said to his fiance A, “It’s good luck to kiss a banana slug!” She was incredulous. She asked him to prove it. He pulled out his laptop, updated the “banana slug” entry in wikipedia, and showed it to her.

  2. Heh! Yep, sounds like she got wikipudiated. Did she have to kiss a banana slug? (I guess what I mean is, is your friend C a banana slug?)

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