1. Hello, Mr. Fogel.

    I hope not to disrupt your blog with this comment: I found this to be the most practical way to contact you “out of the blue”.

    There are three reasons I am contacting you: I am working in a large documentation project, and we are using the woefully inadequate MS Word, so, as the author of books, someone who values information freedom and helping each other, I wanted to ask you about tools to prepare large documentation. I am sure that your advise will be adequate because I share your interests (2nd reason), and finally, I found out through your CVS book that you lived in Chicago in 2003 and if you still live here, we may be neighbors!

    I am also an amateur photographer, in case you want to show scenes of Chicago to your friends, perhaps one of my photographs would be of your interest (they are Creative Commons), so, there is the chance that I could readily reciprocate your help 😉

    Keep on the good work.

  2. Eddie, you need a real consultant. There are too many questions I would have to ask about your project and your team before I could even begin to give you good advice on this.

    I use OpenOffice.org, instead of MS Word or some other proprietary system, but OpenOffice may or may not be the right tool for your job. Get a consultant, preferably one with open source experience :-).

    Good luck,

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