bkrpr — The Book Ripper project

The Bkrpr (Book Ripper) project is going to do for printed text what CD ripping software did for recorded music: liberate it from its physical medium so that it can be treated like any other digital data.

That’s not good news for the print publishing industry…

Night of the Living Dead Business Model

…but it’s great news for readers.

You cannot put the genie back in the bottle.


  1. From the video it seems that the camera is not moving or scanning the page – it’s just taking a shot from a fixed position. Does this mean that the setup has to be done for every book – surely for thicker books the camera distance has to be adjusted. thx.

  2. If by “thicker” you mean “more pages”, then no: the distance from camera to page is fixed by the plexiglass cube. The number of pages behind the page being photographed is irrelevant, just as the number of people standing behind a person you’re photographing doesn’t change the focal distance to that person.

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