Learn how to hack on Launchpad.

I meant to post this earlier. But hey, I suck, so I’m posting it now instead, the night before the class:

Launchpad badge

As part of Ubuntu Developer Week, I’m teaching a class on How to get started hacking Launchpad, at 20.00 UTC on Thursday, 28 Jan. If you’re a Launchpad user, come join us! The session will be held in IRC; details are on the classes page, and you can use either a regular IRC client or Lernid to participate.

No previous Launchpad hacking experience is necessary. You’ll probably want some familiarity with Python, but you don’t have to be an expert. This class will just introduce you to how Launchpad is put together, and the process for making an improvement to Launchpad. The code for Launchpad is fully open source and community hacking is already happening.

Come to the class to find out more!


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