Reform? Mr. …of, er…

Breaking news: Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) will champion a new bill to provide more and better sex education to high-schoolers and even young adults, in a tactic designed to lower the number of abortions in America through improved access to information and counseling.

Rep. Stupak became famous during the debates leading up to the health care reform vote as the organizer of a group of anti-abortion Democratic representatives who withheld their votes until they were satisfied that the health care reform bill would provide no federal support for abortions. In fact, Stupak had earlier introduced a measure stating that explicitly. However, this was widely interpreted as merely a flare — a signal to his constituents about which side he’s on — since both existing law and the health care bill itself already contained language that had the effect Stupak and his group wanted. Nevertheless, they succeeded in wringing out of President Obama a further executive order stating that no federal money would be used for abortion.

Despite tensions between Rep. Stupak’s group and more left-leaning members of the Democratic Party, news of this latest educational initiative was greeted with enthusiasm across the liberal blogosphere:

Dem. Rep. Stupak’s illiberal flare bill is kaput? Sperm Ed!
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