Solving the Conference Call Introduction Problem.

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I’m on a lot of conference calls lately. Sometimes the participants don’t all know each other, so we’d like to start by going around the table introducing ourselves.

The only problem is, there is no table.

Furthermore, there’s often no person who has a list of all the current participants, and even if someone did, people might dial in and drop off at random times.

I couldn’t think of any algorithm to solve this, at least not one that humans might be able to reliably run. But then I thought, why should the humans solve it? The conferencing system itself knows who’s dialed in! What if one could issue a command that would cause the central server to go around all its connections, asking each person to introduce themselves? Each participant would hear the system’s voice say “Please introduce yourself, then press # when done.” in their ear (and their ear only) when it was their turn. The central server could automatically adjust for newcomers and dropoffs while the process is under way, and it would know when everyone available has introduced themselves. While it’s telling a given person that it’s their turn, it could even tell all the other people their position in line, so they’d be prepared when it comes around to them.

Does anyone know a conferencing service that does this?

(I’m posting this here partly to create prior art. Whoever implements this first will have a temporary advantage, but we don’t want them turning it into a permanent advantage by patenting the technique. Ideas are cheap — see, I’m giving this one away for free.)


  1. I think the conferencing system at my work may have functions like this. I’m a conference call avoider so I don’t know all of the features, but sometimes (depending on options chosen by the meeting organizer), you’re asked to say your name when you join the call. Nothing seems to be done with this, but someone recently told me that the call leader can push a button to hear all of the names. Maybe this could be available to anyone? Or maybe the leader can choose if everyone can hear this? Sorry to be so vague, but it seemed relevant to what you’re asking about.

  2. Yeah, thanks! It’s at least close, in that it gives an ordering that everyone can hear, even if it doesn’t actually prompt people to do their individual introduction. So easy to go from that to the full feature…

  3. If you connect into an audio conference bridge provider, they will have an “introduce” function that is reported to all attendees and the administrator, so when people come on, or drop off, it is indicated to the participants in a very calm voice, male or female. I have favorites, but if you search “audio conference bridge”, you’ll find a plethora of providers, and plethora means competition, and competition means lower price, same service. You can still use your Polycom or other conference phone hardware with the bridge, to maximize your local end-point participation. Hope that helps.

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