An unexpected feature of my trip to China.

I just got back from a wonderful three-week vacation in China. The trip did, however, further my worry as a patriotic American that the Chinese are rapidly overtaking us — not just in industrial technologies and renewable energy production and the like, but even in the service economy areas where we might hitherto have presumed ourselves to still retain some advantage. For example, read carefully what’s on offer at the Fu Run Hotel in Xi’an:

Guests check in, but they don't all check out.

Like I said, I had a great visit! Some of the other guests in the hotel didn’t have such a great visit, though.

☺ I’ll try to write a real post about my trip later, with some photos. But that was the single best Chinglish I have ever encountered, and I just couldn’t resist posting about it. In fairness, it’s no worse than some of the Chinese phrases we wear on t-shirts in America… well, okay, maybe only a little bit worse.


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