Web designer, etc, needed for election-related project.

We’re looking for a web designer and a systems/db person available soon, for paid work on a project that would last through Election Day. (If it goes well, the project might continue after Nov. 4th, but think of election day as the deadline.)

It hasn’t been green-lighted yet; it partly depends on how quickly we can find people.

Brief summary: it’s about helping college students vote. They often don’t because they can’t figure out where they’re supposed to vote, what the residency requirements are, etc. But it turns out most of them can vote, if they just get the right information. The idea is to have a crowd-sourced, curated site that gathers this information and makes it easy both for students to vote and to pass on information about how to vote to other students they know. Good user interface and comprehensibility will be key.

The funders are aware they had this idea somewhat late in the game, but they’re interested in trying to make it happen if we can put together a good team quickly. This is a non-partisan get-out-the-vote effort; the funding is not coming from any of the campaigns.

By the way, we are aware of NewVotersProject.org, DeclareYourself.com, and the local information at WhyTuesday.com. We’ll use those and similar resources, and try not to duplicate efforts. Please let us know if you’re aware of others.

If interested, please send name, résumé, and rates to me at kfogel@red-bean.com. Just quote your normal corporate rates; we’ll figure out later if we need to ask for non-profit discounts.


-Karl Fogel

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